a film by Jason A. Harrington

A film by
Jason A. Harrington

Animation and Design by
Jason A. Harrington
Rory A. Magnus

Stacey Leone

Additional Animation by
Jeff Picarello
Ryan Dann
Brad Collins
Josh Rothman

Kelly Paul
Robert Harrington
Julianne Cort
Charlotte Kramer
Mary Kate Luff

Audio Design
Ryan Dann

Re-Recording Mixer
Martin Czembor

The Be Good Tanyas
Used with permission by
Nettwerk Productions and Nettwerk One Music

Special Thanks to
Marlena Grzaslewicz
Steve Simons
Steve Gordon
Grace Wood
Liz Wood
Joseph Mauro
Angelina Mauro
Bob Mayer
Jessica Powers
Yoko Kurokawa
Justin Smith
Daria Tsoupikova
Laura Harrington

"made possible in part by a James B. Pendleton
Grant from the Roy H. Park School of
Communications at Ithaca College"